Defining a Clinician

Refine Your Clinic

Being a Marching Arts Forum Clinician is a fantastic opportunity to refine your clinic for TMEA, TBA or other convention.

The audience will be 20+ college students and possibly some current educators. The Marching Arts Forum may offer to pay for travel expenses if necessary, but most clinicians offer their time for free.

Previous Topics

Electronics  .  Marching percussion  .  Field Timing  .  Breathing Gym

Judging DCI vs. High School  .  How Judging Impacts Teachers

Color Guard  .  Student Teaching  .  Parents and Administrators

Show Design  .  Marching Techniques  .  Landing a Teaching Job

Student leadership  .  The 8-Hour Rule  .  Running a Band Competition

Drill design  .  And Many, Many More…

Presentation Methods

  • Interactive, “Hands On” Activities
  • Group Discussion / Guided Exercises
  • Traditional Presentation
  • Q&A Panel of Clinicians as a Group

Become a Clinician

Whatever the topic or method of delivery, there are students who are willing to receive the information you have to offer. If you are interested in becoming a  Marching Arts Forum Clinician, send us an email at