Previous Clinicians

Joe Allison  .  Tim Darbonne  .  Amanda Drinkwater

Glenn Fugett  .  Russ Gavin  .  Michael Huestis

Kathy Johnson  .  John Leonard  .  Albert Lo

Mark McGahey  .  Gerry Miller  .  Paul Rennick

Kevin Ronan  .  Katie VanDoren  .  Tyler Sammons

Jeremy Spicer  .  Cam Stasa  .  Dominic Talanca

Frank Troyka  .  Bill Watson  .  Nicholas Williams

Jeff Young  .  Ly Wilder  .  Richard Saucedo

Jay Webb  .  Dave Woodley  .  Dean Westman

Jon Vanderkolff  .  Matt Harloff  .  Gino Cipriani

Every one of these clinicians offered their time for free. All are amazing educators with a passion for excellence in the marching arts – and all jumped at the opportunity to present for a group of eager learners.

We are very fortunate to have hosted such fantastic human beings and teachers. Thanks to all who have presented thus far and future clinicians alike!